Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cabbage Rolls

With all the cabbage left from making sauerkraut, I decided to try cabbage rolls.  I have eaten them before but this is the first time that I have made them.  I browned ground beef and hot sausage (one pound each), added three pepper blend, onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, package of prepared brown rice, and homemade spicy ketchup.  I let this simmer while I boiled the cabbage until tender.  I put the mixture in each leaf and rolled it up!  You can see the toothpicks holding them together!  In a clean pan, I put the rolls and poured a can of tomato soup over them.  I tented the lid and simmered for 30 minutes.
These were a big hit!  I will make these again.  Serve with hot sauce.

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